Rack Installation Instructions

Welcome to the NeatNek Rack installation instructions

This is pretty easy to do and you'll have your NeatNeks hung up in no time at all!

To make it easier, you'll need a few tools:

  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Hammer
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Punch (For drywall)
  • Drill (Optional. Needed for studs)

 Hardware that came with the your rack:

  • 1 Wall Rack
  • 2 Wall Screws
  • 2 Wall Anchors
  • 3 Hooks

Ok, let's get started!

1. Position & level the rack where you want to mount it

2. Make two starter holes on the wall for the mounting screws using the two larger holes as guides.

NeatNek Rack Install Pic 2

3. Punch or drill holes 1/4” wide in the wall and insert anchors.

NeatNek Rack Install Pic 3

4. Put the two mounting screws through rack holes & into anchors. Use the phillips screwdriver to tighten down the screws until they are level with the surface of the rack.

NeatNek Rack Install Pic 4

5. Screw in the three hooks

NeatNek Rack Install Pic 5

6. Hang your NeatNeks!

That's it - you're all set and ready to hang your NeatNeks for easy access!!!

If you have any questions please contact us.