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Helping You Keep Salon Client’s Clothes Dry

Made for Hair Stylists, Beauty Schools & Health Care Industries since 1998

Helping You Keep Salon Client’s Clothes Dry

Made for Hair Stylists, Beauty Schools & Health Care Industries since 1998

Are you tired of soaking clients at the shampoo bowl?


Traditional salon capes and towels aren’t enough to do the job right.

NeatNek is your solution!

Our disposable neck cape prevents water and chemicals from running down your client’s neck and back while at the shampoo bowl.


Why do YOU need NeatNek?

For about 25¢ per client, using a NeatNek will help you…


Don’t ruin their favorite shirt


No more wet, slippery floors


Less laundry & water usage


Get to your next client faster


Don’t replace towles and capes as often


There’s 100 in each pack, so you can use a new NeatNek on each client

What Our Customers Are Saying!

Neatneks have been a God-send and have saved us from wet clothing! Love them!

Rosalie L. — Florida

I love NeatNek! This product has been a game changer in my business. I’m able to cut the cost of washing multiple towels while also working in a more sanitary manner because the product is disposable after each use. I love this product and would recommend it to all hair care professionals.

Aaron S. — Maryland

I have been using NeatNek for almost as long as they have been invented! I wouldn’t do hair without them! Love this amazing invention!

Cathy H. — Illinois

We opened our salon in November of 2019. We wouldn’t think of NOT using these on our clients. Especially if you have the short clients that you can’t get back in the bowl far enough with all of our color services. These have saved their clothes every time!

Cindi B. — Wisconsin

These are one of the best inventions ever! They’re great for the shorter clients that don’t fit in the sink very well.

Penny S. — Illinois

We love them.

Danielle A. — Michigan

We have been using Neatnek for many years. Not everyone fits into the shampoo bowls the proper way and Neatnek prevents them from getting soaking wet while shampooing. Also works well for rinsing perms which can be a very wet process. We love our Neatnek!!!

Joni C. — Ohio

A friggin’ great solution to older ladies getting soaked at the bowl. These things have been life savers!!!!

Li — Tennessee

Can’t be without!

Joan S. — Virginia

Love this product for my longer hair colors. Saves my capes and clients stay dry!

Susan C. — Massachusetts


Our unique design is made from comfortable & flexible plastic

The ergonomic shape forms a snug fit around the back of the neck.

Designed with our Easy-Tear-Off feature, you can “grab-it-and-go” at any shampoo station.

The client effortlessly holds the handles are is held around the neck, providing less work for you and keeping your client happy to be involved in their experience — it’s a “win-win” solution.

NeatNek is disposable so you can keep your station clean and neat, juggling multiple clients with ease.  No more wasting time and money!

How to use NeatNek in 6 Easy Steps


Put your regular cape and towel on the client as usual


Grasp the NeatNek by the bottom-center and pull straight down to separate it at the perforation 


Place the curved portion of the NeatNek against the back of your client’s neck — ABOVE the towel


Using the finger holes, have your client hold the NeatNek snug against the back of their neck 


Drape the rest of the NeatNek into the shampoo bowl


After rinsing, blot the client’s hair and neck before having them let go of the NeatNek

For additional questions, refer to the video above or call us at 877-632-8635

“When a client’s back gets wet, great service is compromised — no stylist wants that to be the experience anyone has in their chair.”

​Founder & CEO

Who Uses NeatNek

NeatNek capes are used every day across the country in 4 major markets of the cosmetology industry!