Tired of soaking your clients at the shampoo bowl?

Traditional salon capes and towels aren't enough to do the job right — NeatNek fixes that.

Made for all Hair Style Professionals in

Salons, Barbershops, Beauty Schools & Health Care Industries.

Right now, you're struggling with...

Damaged Clothes

You ruined your client's favorite shirt

Lost Time

Slow getting to your next client

Extra Costs

Replacing towels & capes more often

Excess Laundry

Using more detergent & water

Dangerous Floors

Injuries from wet, slippery floors

See How It Works!


NeatNek is your solution!

Our disposable neck cape prevents water and chemicals from running down your client’s neck and back while at the shampoo bowl.

What Our Customers Are Saying!

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We opened our salon in November of 2019. We wouldn’t think of NOT using these on our clients. Especially if you have the short clients that you can’t get back in the bowl far enough with all of our color services. These have saved their clothes every time!

Cindi B.


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I love NeatNek! This product has been a game changer in my business. I’m able to cut the cost of washing multiple towels while also working in a more sanitary manner because the product is disposable after each use. I love this product and would recommend it to all hair care professionals.
Aaron S.


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I have been using NeatNek for almost as long as they have been invented! I wouldn’t do hair without them! Love this amazing invention!
Kathy H.


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Neatneks have been a God-send and have saved us from wet clothing! Love them!
Rosalie L.


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These are one of the best inventions ever! They’re great for the shorter clients that don’t fit in the sink very well.

Penny S.


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We love them.

Danielle A.


star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate  

We have been using Neatnek for many years. Not everyone fits into the shampoo bowls the proper way and Neatnek prevents them from getting soaking wet while shampooing. Also works well for rinsing perms which can be a very wet process. We love our Neatnek!!!

Joni C.


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A friggin’ great solution to older ladies getting soaked at the bowl. These things have been life savers!!!!



star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate  

Can’t be without!

Joan S.


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Love this product for my longer hair colors. Saves my capes and clients stay dry!

Susan C.



check_circle   Our unique design is made from comfortable & flexible plastic
check_circle   The ergonomic shape forms a snug fit around the back of the neck
check_circle   Designed with our Easy-Tear-Off feature, you can “grab-it-and-go” at any shampoo station
check_circle   Long enough to fit most shampoo bowls; short enough to not cover the drain
check_circle   NeatNek is disposable so you can keep your station clean and neat, juggling multiple clients with ease. No more wasting time and money!

You can keep your clients dry!

1. Place Your Order

Choose the quantity that best fits your amount of customers

2. Use NeatNek

For less than 50¢ each, use a new cape on each client

3. Keep Clients Happy

Repeat customers are essential to your business

“When a client’s back gets wet, great service is compromised — no stylist wants that to be the experience anyone has in their chair.”


​Founder & CEO

Who Uses NeatNek

NeatNek capes are used every day in major markets of the cosmetology industry!

Health Care
Senior Focus

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these disposable?

Yes. They are made to be disposable but are strong enough to use again and again.

Why do you have the customer hold them?


The customer is usually holding on to a towel for dear life anyway, to keep water or chemicals from going down their back. They feel more secure holding it and are more in control.

Why don't NeatNek capes have a fastener?


That would add to the cost and your regular salon cape has a fastener and still doesn’t keep all the water out.

Why does this work better than our regular cape we're using now?


You can’t put anything around a clients neck tight enough and fasten it because their neck expands when they lay back, so they feel choked. When they hold a NeatNek, it leaves the front of their neck open, so they can breath easily.

What makes this work?


When the plastic comes in contact with the oil in the skin, it forms an air tight seal around the back of the neck.

How tight must they hold it?

Very little effort is needed. It mostly takes care of itself.

Do we use one for every customer?


They are made to be disposable but everyone uses them differently. Some salons just use them for color and perms. Other salons just use them for the elderly.

Are they washable?


Like any other plastic capes, they are washable. We feel that they save you so much time and money it’s not cost effective to spend the extra $ on soap, water and electricity to do it. The time it takes to dry a person’s back you can do a haircut, which that money would pay for another 100 capes.

Will it work for clients with physical disabilities?


In most cases, it’s for everyone. We chose this design because a person doesn’t have to close their hand or make a fist to hold it.

NeatNek is here to help you...


Get to your next client faster


Replace towels & capes less often


Use a new NeatNek on each client


Don't ruin their favorite shirt


No more wet, slippery floors


Less laundry & water usage