The NeatNek Corporation is dedicated to making daily work in the salon easier and more productive by eliminating one of the major problems in the beauty industry — keeping the client's neck and back dry.

Pulling from over four decades of experience behind the chair, Juanita M. Deppen, invented and developed the NeatNek protective neck cape concept in the 1990's. Wanting to "give something back" to the beauty industry she loves, Juanita set out on a quest to refine her invention, so it would be practical and useful for everyone. After a few prototypes, NeatNek was ready for its introduction to the world. In early 1999, NeatNek took the beauty industry by storm and quickly became a salon necessity around the globe.

Organizations such as Conair, RUSK, Scruples, and cosmetologists everywhere have exclaimed that NeatNek is, "Something I can't live without."

Thank you to all our customers who have given us many wonderful years of loyalty since 1998, and we welcome all new and prospective customers.