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We’ve all made them — mistakes that we simply cannot undo. And if we haven’ heard these stories, we’ve lived through them ourselves. They will either have you laughing or crying — or both. So you feel a little less alone in your stories of salon mishaps, here are few for you today!

“While in cosmetology school, I had a customer in for a haircut. I asked him if he wanted his haircut up over his ears and he said yes he wanted it over his ears. What he really meant was that he wanted it covering his ears! I was so embarrassed!”

“I was trying to use a stability ball chair and fell off to a loud crash as I went down to the floor. She laughed and said I do not know how you do that. Apparently I am not that good at it. Then we both laughed.”

“I had these rollers with my name written on them in red. I thought I used a permanent marker. She had white hair. When I took the rollers out her hair had turned pink. She was in her 80’s. And my next client was already in the waiting area. I was freaking out! It turned out that she loved it and wanted me to put pink rinse in her hair from then on. Whew!”

“I fell asleep cutting someone’s hair years ago! Went splashed water on my face and finished!”

“I started curling a client’s hair and it melted right off. It was so embarrassing. I’ll never use a new curling iron without testing it on myself first. I did not charge her for the service.”

“Cutting a man’s neckline above the mole he asked me not to expose only 10 minutes before.”

“When I started out, my mom, who also was the reason I was cutting hair, decided it was time for me to start doing her hair color. I was excited to say the least and rushed out to get all the products she’d need. I even splurged and bought a salon hair dryer. Be warned, unless you buy from a salon company, the one’s at Sally’s are faulty. I got her set up and under the new dryer. I never noticed that all of the holes were on top of the head and none on the sides. While waiting for her sides to lighten, the top of her head was frying. Her hair came out like overdone angel hair pasta. It broke off in your hands. After several months of using protein shampoos and conditioners, and a massive haircut, my mother needed another coloring. I learned my lesson though. I took her to the salon I worked for, paid for the products and used their drier. This time her hair came out perfect and I learned not to use bleach at home.”

“On my second day of work in a salon as an apprentice, I completely soaked the owner’s mother all the way to her waist, front and back. Then I accidentally washed off one of the boss’ mother-in-law’s eyebrows.”

These are a few of our favorites, but tell us one of your memorable mistakes — we’ve all had them!

We’d love to hear from you!

So here’s our question for you today…
What’s the worst / most memorable mistake you’ve ever made while performing a service and how did you correct it / handle it with the client?