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Virtual education platforms are popping up everywhere, and with reduced options for face-to-face education, it’s never been more important to find an online hair educator that you can learn from. Here are a few of our tips for getting started.

Each online educator has their own speciality — their own super power. The most important thing is to understand and identify what education you’re looking for. Instagram is one of the platforms that can be used as a tool for seeking out education and educators by using relevant hashtags and searching via brand Instagram’s use for their educators. When you’re searching, don’t be afraid of the underdogs, but in the same way, don’t shy away from the greats like Schwarzkopf Professional Ambassador, Daniel Granger. He has a passion for growing apprentice and graduate stylists that is simply inspirational. Watch their videos, read their articles, and learn from them. A professional mentor doesn’t have to be someone you know personally.

Education is so important but it’s even more important to connect with your educator. This will help you to get the most out of your educator as well as them getting the best out of you. You can get a feel for different educator styles via social media or video platforms. This will give you an idea as to whether that particular person feels like the right fit for you. Don’t be afraid to go with your heart and then your head tends to follow.

When looking for the right online educator, you should have a clear objective of what and why you want to take a class, but more importantly think about how you like to learn. Ask yourself, are you happy to just watch, do you need information sent to you afterwards, are you a note taker or do you need to do virtual hands on? There is a vast array of education/educators available at the moment and to get the right one for you be clear on the type of learner you are.

2020 online education is a whole new way of learning and it’s pretty exciting! There is no better way to learn than being surrounded by like-minded students wanting to share ideas and learn in a hands-on way. But since everything is on hold for 2020, it’s necessary to take advantage of the many perks of online education. This now means that education can be accessed at all times, allowing you to find the time to learn that works around your busy schedule. Whether that’s on your commute to work, days off, or setting your alarm a little earlier you can grow and master your craft by a click of a button — and even better, from the comfort of your home. Find an educator that loves what they do and that you can ask as many questions as you want to, however ridiculous they might be.

2020 has changed and turned the beauty industry on its head, in more ways that can be counted — but don’t stay there! Take the time to learn something for yourself, not just because you have to in order to keep your doors open.