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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these disposable?

Yes. They are made to be disposable but are strong enough to use again and again.

Why do you have the customer hold them?

The customer is usually holding on to a towel for dear life anyway, to keep water or chemicals from going down their back. They feel more secure holding it and are more in control.

Why don't NeatNek capes have a fastener?

That would add to the cost and your regular salon cape has a fastener and still doesn’t keep all the water out.

Why does this work better than our regular cape we're using now?

You can’t put anything around a clients neck tight enough and fasten it because their neck expands when they lay back, so they feel choked. When they hold a NeatNek, it leaves the front of their neck open, so they can breath easily.

What makes this work?

When the plastic comes in contact with the oil in the skin, it forms an air tight seal around the back of the neck.

How tight must they hold it?

Very little effort is needed. It mostly takes care of itself.

Do we use one for every customer?

They are made to be disposable but everyone uses them differently. Some salons just use them for color and perms. Other salons just use them for the elderly.

We had one salon tell us they used our sample for a whole month until they could buy a package at our next trade show. I asked, “Where’s the sample now?”  He said, “I think we’re still using it.”

Are they washable?

Like any other plastic capes, they are washable. We feel that they save you so much time and money it’s not cost effective to spend the extra $$$ on soap, water and electricity to do it. The time it takes to dry a person’s back you can do a haircut, which that money would pay for another 100 capes.

Will it work for clients with physical disabilities?

In most cases, it’s for everyone. We chose this design because a person doesn’t have to close their hand or make a fist to hold it.